New FedEx Trucks for Sale or Lease

Utilimaster FedEx Trucks For Sale

We have a large selection of new FedEx Trucks in stock for sale or lease!
We will deliver anywhere in the continental United States.
Compare our prices - CLICK HERE TO GET A QUOTE. or call 1-803-254-4000

Why you should consider buying or leasing a new FedEx Truck versus used.

We have significant data over many years that shows that Buying or Leasing new FedEx Trucks are far more efficient than buying used FedEx Trucks for routes of up to 150 miles a day. While new FedEx Trucks will have you paying more in debt you will save significantly in Repair and Maintenance costs. Contracted Routes are highly regulated and delivery times are crucial. It should be noted that by Buying or Leasing New FedEx Trucks you are out-the-gate in a better position to meet your FedEx Route delivery obligations. By Buying or Leasing New FedEx Trucks, you will greatly reduce much of the unscheduled down time and costs associated with towing, transferring cargo, and vehicle repair when used vehicles breakdown.

Why you should consider buying or leasing Your new FedEx Trucks from us.

We have brand new FedEx Trucks for Sale, in-stock and ready to go or to be delivered anywhere in the US. We know trucks and the FedEx route business, and we can help ensure you get the right vehicles for your business needs.

Why Us?

  • We Have the Vehicles - We have a huge selection of New FedEx Walk-ins, Step Vans, and Cutaway Vans in-stock and ready to go.
  • We Have the Right People - Our knowledgeable staff is ready to get to Commercial Sales immediately, helping you grow your FedEx Route business.
  • We Have the Means - We offer Leasing options, Financing, and we deliver New FedEx Trucks anywhere in the US. We stand behind our vehicles and we want the opportunity to prove there is no better place to buy your New FedEx Truck, Walk-in, Step Van or Cutaway vehicles.

Are you in the Market for a New FedEx Truck, Walk-in, Step Van, or Cutaway?
Give Us a Call Today and Let Us Help You Select the Right Vehicle for Your Needs.

We Deliver Anywhere in the United States and Financing is Available.

Call us for more information on these FedEx Trucks for sale!
Commercial Sales:1-803-343-5805 or STORE: 1-803-254-4000
"Dick Smith is simple to work with and consistently helpful"

Robert, South Carolina.

"What I like most about Dick Smith Ford is that they communicate with me throughout the sales process; I always know what to expect"

Linda, Texas

"This is a tough business; Mike makes buying a truck easy"

Kevin, California

"I like Dick Smith because I can trust what they say and that's a big deal to me"

Tony, New York

"I have purchased several trucks from Dick Smith Ford. I don't plan on going anywhere else"

Bob, Tennessee.

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